Spare parts:

The hydraulic cylinder of straightening with the ear PRM3-02.09 RI

Гидроцилиндр рихтовки

It is designed for extension jacks in the production of straightening work.

Hydraulic cylinders (or simply cylinders) are volume hydraulic engines and are designed for transformation of energy of a stream of working liquid to mechanical energy output level. For the drive of working bodies of machines, including railmay, the most widely used piston double-acting hydraulic cylinders with one-sided piston rod.

Basis of a design of the cylinder is the sleeve representing a pipe with carefully processed internal surface. Inside the sleeve a piston is moved, having lip seals, which prevent the flow of fluid from the cylinder cavities separated by a piston. The force from the piston passes the stem having a polished surface. Covers with holes for supplying and discharging the working fluid are strengthened on two sides of the sleeve. On the cut portion of the rod is attached eyelet detail or connecting cylinder with a movable mechanism.

Weight of the hydraulic cylinder of straightening with the ear PRM3-02.09 128 kg.